I was cut at the age of five. The reasons they told me are a bit dubious. They said I had phimosis. But there was just one look of my physisian at my penis and just another very short examination of it by another doctor (the same doctor who earned money circumcising me). This second examination lasted aproximately one minute, then it was clear to them that I had to be cut. The circumcision itself was quite without problems and the healing was OK. I was cut low and loose, i.e. most of my inner foreskin was removed for cosmetic reasons. The next six months after my circumcision were quite difficult. I got frequent erections and my glans was ached. I don’t get unwanted erections that often now, but they still happen. Furthermore, my glans aches after visiting a swimming pool.

When I had swimming class in school, and saw for the first time other naked boys, I was the only one who was circumcised, and the others laughed at me. I was quite shocked about my body when I hear in biology that the glans would be the most sensitive part of the penis, my personal experience was otherwise. With my first tries of masturbation I had quite a lot of problems to reach an orgasm until I found the right technique. But still after masturbation my glans is quite sore and aching.

The worst is to read on internet forums about techniques of masturbating with an intact penis and to read that the most intense feelings come from the foreskin. I have never had the chance of having these feelings and I will never get it and no one asked me before circumcising.

I hope my story, together with other blogs, can help to stop senseless circumcising and give other boys the chance for a natural sexuality.