In my suburban Chicago late 70’s/early 80’s upbringing, it was the norm. Everyone was circumcised.

My mom explained it to me when I was a pre-teen—in graphic detail. When I say graphic, I mean she took my penis and pulled the shaft skin up, covering the glans, and then showed me where it was cut. She also told me how afterwards, the skin often “got stuck like glue” to the glans and my pediatrician had to force the skin back to break the adhesions. My mom told me that she continued to pull it back until I was bathing myself.

It didn’t bother me much until I had my first real girlfriend and my first sexual encounter. When it was over, she asked if I enjoyed it. Of course I said I did, but in reality I was thinking to myself, “I waited how many years for this?” It was mediocre at best. Mechanical. Tiresome. When it was done, I was relieved. I didn’t see the big deal.

I was flabbergasted. I thought sex was the end-all. I was worried. Maybe there was something wrong.

I wasn’t until college when I had access to “USENET”, “Gopher” and this new-fangled program called “lynx,” which offered me access to to the “world wide web,” that I started reading similar stories. Apparently I was desensitized, circumcision being the culprit.

I read all the articles I could and compared the written text to my own penis. My glans was gray and wrinkled. The shaft was scarred with evidence of cutting and torn adhesions. I learned that the glans was made of the same tissue as my girlfriend’s clitoral glans, yet when I touched hers, she jumped to the ceiling. When she touched mine, it was a resounding, “Meh.”

I hate my mother.

Fast forward 5 years, I have a wife (not the girlfriend form high school). We were expecting. I told her “no circumcision”. I presented her with all the evidence, and had to admit my own handicap. She agreed.

I had a girl 2 years later, and another boy 3 months ago. The policy is the same whether girl or boy.

Don’t hurt your children. Don’t let the doctors cut them.

We’ve had no infections. No hygiene problems. In fact, by my mother’s account, she had to spend a good portion of time tending to my wounded penis. I have to spend no more time on my son’s than a wipe and a powder.

The child will not be made fun of in the locker room. The child is not going to look like you no matter what.

Men: You goddamned steakheads. I want to kill you all. The only reason you want it done is so that you don’t have to come to terms that your own parents betrayed you in ignorance. Of course there’s nothing wrong, you have the perfect cock.

Women: You think a foreskin is gross? You’re shallow. You want shallow people to suck off your son, then live with it. You can’t be helped. Watch a circumcision. Hell, pull back your own hood and have a sniff. Not exactly the garden of Eden. And, it’s NOT up to your husband; it’s a human rights issue. Let the child retain his birthright.