Long ago I decided that circumcision was wrong and definitely not what I would have chosen for myself if given the chance. I’ve tried restoring my foreskin for periods of 9 to 15 months over the past 18 years. Overall, I’ve spent more than 4 years in traction. And that’s quite enough.

But you never know, I could end up deciding I want to keep trying. Why? Because the result has been stretchier skin, but little new skin growth. And frankly it still looks every bit as cut as it always did. The unfortunate thing is that when I have stretched a while the greater color difference between the inner foreskin and outer or shaft skin makes the scar line more apparent.

Sensation? I have noticed, like a lot of men, a slow progressive loss in sensation over the years. When I have been stretching a while or keeping the skin pulled down in one way or another, I get much stronger orgasms and more powerful and longer lasting erections. At this point, I’m really not interested in wearing devices anymore. What I have found works for me is wearing tight briefs that holds it all in place. In this way, I stay covered, but I don’t have to deal with the hassle. And more importantly, I can enjoy some of the benefits of restoration even though my body has so far refused to grow skin.

I would definitely recommend that people restore. The benefits are great for those who succeed. I would only caution people not to feel down if their body won’t do its part. Everybody can get some benefit even if it doesn’t turn out as you expected or hoped when you started.