September 2007

Circumcision. For many years I couldn’t say that word. If someone nearby said “cir… cumstance” my heart would leap into my throat, just hearing the first few letters of that word, and my fight or flight reactions would kick in a big way. Circumcision has had a profoundly devastating effect on my life, very much I would think like being repeatedly raped by your parents (more…)

The Gomco circumcision device is one of the most barbaric inventions ever created. It was used on my second son at his bris. He shrieked and writhed for the full 20 minutes as if he were being slaughtered, while the mohel smiled and kept saying, “Just another minute.” I knew I had betrayed my beautiful baby. Something in me died that day; something in him, as well. I lost my milk. His sleeping and eating patterns were totally disrupted for 11 months. This was nearly 26 years ago and I still cry whenever I think of it, which is too often. It was easily the worst day of my life. What will it take before people can see babies and humans and understand that the foreskin and male genitalia are sacred?!!!

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