December 2007

I began restoring my foreskin at age 55 because masturbation and sex with my wife was becoming more and more difficult due to lack of sensitivity. I had no idea it was because I was circumcised at birth. I did an internet search on improving sensitivity and found so much information it was mind boggling. After some thought and discussion with my wife I decided to try to restore some of the damage that was done. I found that the reason for the loss of sensitivity was the keratonization* of the head due to the lack of protection that a foreskin provides. Years of rubbing against clothing and having to masturbate without a foreskin caused most of the damage.

The method I chose to use to restore was manual tugging and t-tape. I did have a bit of a head start because I was cut loosely. After 7 months of restoration I’m happy to report amazing progress. When flaccid the shaft skin covers about half the head which has caused the keratonization to disappear and leave me with a very shiny head when fully erect.

The sensitivity that has returned is overwhelming at times. To be very frank I never used to get any pre-cum due to lack of sensitivity. I wasn’t even aware of that phenomenon. When fully erect I am beginning to be able to learn how to use the shaft skin to stroke with during masturbation. I need to do this at this point because it is almost too sensitive to directly stoke the area with the hand like I used to. I plan on continuing this process although it probably will be more difficult to get such great results as I continue.

*(Ed: keratonization is a response by the skin to external influences resulting in skin hardening and the growth of additional layers of skin. Similar to callusing.)

As long as I can remember even as a child of 3-4 years-old, I always hated the feel of the glans of my penis rubbing against my briefs. I hated the discomfort in the winter with the cold making my glans almost feel like it was burning. I used to place my penis inside a sock during the winter if I wanted to go outside and play.

I remember when I was 10 years-old my parents sent me to a summer camp. The first day of camp, when we all went into the bathhouse to change into our swim trunks, I saw my first whole penis. He was one of the counselors and I was just taken back by the looks of it. Then I started to look around and noticed a few of the other boys my age (more…)

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