blOUCH! is the reverse of how most blogs are organized. Typically, one person posts their opinion and the public is invited to comment on it. Here, the public posts their stories, and no one may add a comment.

What happens at blOUCH!
When you submit your story it is sent to our editors. They will edit, approve, and post it on the blog. When that happens, it is posted on the website and simultaneously sent out on our syndicated RSS newsfeed where search engines and anyone with a newsfeed reader can find it. All submissions become the propterty of Project: OUCH! Our editorial policy is to help you tell your story. We will edit it as little as possible, if any at all, for your benefit.

What does not happen at blOUCH!
Your email address is not shared online nor with others. The username/nickname you select when registering will be used to identify you as the story’s author. No one may submit a comment about your story, nor can they send you emails or personal messages; we do not want others to cause you more suffering.

We will not post opinions, essays, diatribes, polemics, didactics, dogma, or rants. These are spoken in the second and third person and inappropriate for blOUCH! regardless of their perspective.

We will not post stories that are pro-circumcision, pro-cutting, or ones encouraging violence. We do not post balanced posts since we believe there is NO way such an article could be ethical. We will also not post any misogynist or misandrist stories. Needless to say we will not post stories that attack this website or the victims and survivors posting here.

Languages: English is the only language supported by this blog software. Our apologies to all the non-English speaking people who visit. We prefer that you tell you story in English, or have it translated. If not, please send your story in anyway, and we will make every effort to translate it and put it online. A translator option is included to assist reading this blog.

All images, content, and stories are copyright 2006 for Project: OUCH!

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